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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Trip to Honshu, Tundra Swan, コハクチョウ and Shelducks, ツクシガモ in Tottori ken

This is the follow up of our trip to see the Mandarin Ducks in Tottori.

Next we went to check out some bigger birds, Tundra Swans, コハクチョウ
There were a number of places to see these swans in the coastal areas. We chose a spot near Yonago, because that was close by. However, the swans were not...

Look at my wingspan... About 2 meter!

Always a pretty sight, the Common Shelduck. ツクシガモ

Male with a large knob on his bill
Female has a bit of white spotting on her face.

In the far distance was some springtime behaviour going on.

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