This blog is for family and friends, to share my feelings and photos with and for myself, to support my fading memory and improve my Japanese. I intend to do some writing in kanji, but am not getting very far without a Japanese computer. So for the moment I say "konnichi wa". Aisatsu dake - just saying hello.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Temminck's Stint, オジロトウネン and some more

There were 2 birds in the corner of a field, accompanied by a few Dunlins (no photo) and 2 Little Ringed Plovers.

Little Ringed Plover, コチドリ

Amur White Wagtail, ホオジロセキレイ
There are quite a few out there at the moment

At the mudflats: 1 Black-winged Stilt, セイタカシギ and 1 Great Knot, オバシギ

Waiting for her mate: Common Kingfisher, カワセミ

Still around: American Wigeon hybrid, アメリカヒドリガモ

Barn Swallows, ツバメ around my place

There is not much nesting activity yet, but I guess it's on the way

In Imazu the last image of a Buff-bellied Pipit, タヒバリ...

... and one of the Penduline Tits, ツリスガラ - a male
I was waiting for them to come out of the reeds, but they are not in a hurry

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Garganey, シマアジ

Close to high tide in the river, 4 males and 2 females

Below in the front: 3 males in the middel and 2 females to the sides

On the wall also. How many?    Look well, there are 2: Male and female

Male Garganey, シマアジ  flapping wings

Between the Eurasian Wigeons, ヒドリガモ one bird with a different face. American DNA?

On the mudflats with the tide rolling in Far-Eastern Curlew, ホウロクシギ (3 of 6) and a Bar-tailed Godwit, オオソリハシシギ 


Still around: female Hen Harrier, ハイイロチュウヒ 

First of the year: Small Copper, ベニシジミ

Saturday, 28 March 2020

In the park 2

There was no lock down in Japan yet (It was the day before) and quite a few hanami pick nicks were held. I hope we all stay safe!
Warbling White-eye, メジロ 

An Oriental Turtle Dove, キジバト taking it's time to bathe

Other birds included Hawfinch, シメ just 1...

...and female Elegant or Yellow-throated Bunting, ミヤマホオジロ Some more birds were in the grass, hidden from me 

In the park 1: Red-breasted Flycatcher, ニシオジロビタキ

It had been almost a year since I went to the park and I had not seen the2 birds that spent the winter here. Last year there was a male, now 2 females.

Thursday, 26 March 2020


The first butterflies of the year, as well as some birds sighted on the sunny and warm days of mid March.

Common Sandpiper, イソシギ

Common Snipe, タシギ

We might not see this big bird around town again, so went for a 2nd glance:
Swan Goose, サカツラガン

Penduline Tit, ツリスガラ

Oriental Paper Bush, ミツマタ

Found a few on the northern tip of Shikanoshima, I wonder if they migrated. Nettle-tree Butterfly, テングチョウ

Still quite small: Old World Swallowtail, キアゲハ 

Asian Comma, キタテハ