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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Trip to Honshu: Izumo 1

We went here some 16 years ago on a rainy day and I have always wanted to go back: Izumo Taisha, the Grand Shinto Shrine. One of Japan's oldest shrines with a rich history. People from all over the country come here to pray and pay respect. A very special place it is.

7:00 am. After a night of strong winds and heavy rain the morning is misty and quiet

A big tori marks the entrance to the shrine. Here we enter the land
 of myths, which is the meaning of Izumo

Along lane of enormous pine trees and another tori

The first sunlight reflected in a pond

The entrance to the frontyard of the main building. A man passing by pays his respect.

When I saw this soft sunlight I knew we were into something very special

At this hour there were hardly any people yet.

It's amazing having such a spiritual place to yourself for a moment...

I counted my blessings  (many!)

Shimenawa is the name of the braided rope that can be seen at shrines of all sizes.
Also around trees and stones. Anything sacred.

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