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Sunday, 1 September 2013

ムツゴロウ, Mudskippers

In the Ariaki Sea Mudskippers dance and jump during mating season. The males do it to impress a female, intimidate rivals and intruders, or just for fun as it seems. It's quite a challenge to capture their image and get all the right parts in focus. I hardly ever get what I hope for, but trying is fun.

When they get agitated they raise their big fins to increase size and make a powerful impression

They have to share the mud with crabs who can also put up quiet a show.

Better keep an eye on those pinchers!

A fearsome encounter

Nobody got hurt

Their eyes are heart-shaped and very blue; the skin is speckled with the same blue-colored spots and on the dorsal fins are many iridescent blue spots in neat rows. Kind of pretty.

What's the reason this time, the other guy or the crab?

Another confrontation.

With their mouth wide open it looks as if they are about to eat each other, but it's just harmless intimidation

Kicking mud

And more mud

One last jump

Found some old photos of different kind of mudskippers in Santubong, Sarawak

I'd love to see those again...

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