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Saturday, 24 August 2013

ツバメ, Barn Swallows

In the harbor our neighbors are mostly boats, but our one big neighbor is the ferry for Nokonoshima. I go to the island at leats twice a week for work and in summer I always look out for the swallows that nest at the building, on the island and on the ferry itself. As usual I took the camera to go and see them and this year, the moment the fledgelings left the nest, they came to see me, in our harbor, at Alishan! It kept me amused and busy and Nori and Wakame alert all day.

One nest on the east of the entrance with 3 babies

I love their head feathers, still so downy, but they will loose them soon. 

And another nest on the west side with 4 chicks

About ready to fly out, but not very eager; parents and helpers kept flying by with yummy-looking titbits, enticing them to try out their wings.

And then they did and all 4 of them followed mum and dad towards the fishing harbor, where it's easy to find insects for all.

Struggling to keep balanced


Still huddling together

One secure spot on top of a fender

From the deck, watching the bugs on the water surface. What are they, what should we do with them? No idea...

Enjoying space, but still relying on mum and dad for food

Nori and Wakame on the look out


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