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Monday, 16 September 2013

Kanzaki 1 Amasagi

On trips to Saga, our neighboring prefecture we would often drop by Kanzaki to see how the herons were doing
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On our 2nd visit in June the number of birds had increased enormously. The little colony was over populated, with birds on every single piece of branch. There were many nests with chicks of just a few days old and chicks that seemed nearly full-grown. The usual bustling food race was full on with parents flying in left and right, while others were still in their courting stages. In short: Lots to see.

Cattle Egret,  アマサギ

Cattle Egret in breeding get that orange coloring on their head and chest. The lace-like feathers at the back aren't theirs, they belong to a different egret.

I thought it would be hard to tell the different chicks apart but it's not really. They have the same face with that kind of angry expression :)

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