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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Migrating waders 8

The next day it was raining again. Yesterday's birds were still there and I payed a bit more attention to the feet of the Long-toed Stint. There was only one bird present, so I had to wait around a bit.

Long-toed Stintヒバリシギ

Show us your long toes!

At the far back were these 2 yellow colored birds. Just Grey Wagtails in my opinion. セキレイ

A Crake crossing over to another paddy  Ruddy-breasted Crakeヒクイナ

Sandpipers chasing each other.  Common Sandpiper,  イソシギ

100s of sparrows, feeding on the rice grains.  Eurasion Tree Sparrow,  スズメ

It seems the rain makes them even more excited.

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