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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Migrating waders 3, Black-tailed Godwit, オグロシギ

Every 1st Sunday of the month members of the Wild Bird Society of Japan - - get together in Imazu to see what’s around and exchange information. With a typhoon in the area the weather was pretty bad and the meeting was canceled. The 15 or so people who had not read the notice and showed up (like me) decided to have a quick look at the nearest fields and do the rest of the birding from the car. We drove around and stopped at the “butagoya”.

The scene had changed, there was much more water now and bits of grass had sprouted up, providing shelter for the smaller birds. The languidness of the scorching heat was gone and the place was full of activity. 2 Godwits had joined the crowd. Everybody was eating, grazing, bathing, chasing, and seemingly having a good time. Even the sparrows that were gorging on the ripe rice.

Black-tailed Godwit,  オグロシギ

Yes, more rain coming!

Look what I can do!

4 of the elegant Stilts were still there, venturing much closer now, creating many photo opportunities. I couldn’t stop and had my fill before going back home to my warm socks and long pants

Black-winged Stilt,  セイタカシギ

Kawaii  かわいい!

To be continued

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