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Thursday, 26 September 2013

daijugarami 2

Many people think that because we live on a boat we get many chances to see shore birds, but nothing is less true. Shore birds are found close to shore, a place you don’t want to come close to on a sail boat. If we do, we have to pay all our attention to the navigation. On top of that, try your binoculars on a rolling swell…. It’s definitely no fun.

Plovers, Knots, Godwits, in a colorful collection

A blotch of gold among the grey:  Pacific Golden Plover,  ムナグロ

The 2 Godwits with their long bills stand out in the crowd
Bar-tailed Godwit,  オオソリハシシギ

Same pair

A bit removed from my point: 2 Far Eastern Curlews,  ホウロクシギ (left and right) and a Eurasian Curlew,  ダイシャクシギ (center) between the Shichimenso.

2 Lesser Sand Plovers,  メダイチドリon the left and a Red-necked Stint,  トウネン
 on the right

Sand Plovers posing for comparison: 2 Lesser メダイチドリ on the right and a Greater, オオメダイチドリ (slightly longer bill and bigger size) on the left.

That day there were no rare birds hidden in the flock - I was told.  No Nordmann’s Greenshank, No Asian Dowither and no Spoonbilled Sandpiper. That was fine with me. I was happy watching the ordinary crowd and decided for myself to find some Broad-billed Sandpipers. I don’t have a scope, just my Olympic binos and started as soon as the birds landed ashore.

Now, that wasn’t easy. The birds of equal size, Stints, Sand Plovers, Dunlins were all moving around a pile of grey stones and the moment I thought I found one it was hidden again by those stones or other birds. Look at the the scene below to get an idea of what we were looking at.

My position was a bit low maybe, but it was either that or a greater distance.

I asked others. Their answer was always something like: Sure, they are there but no, I haven’t seen one actually. Then, when my neighbor spotted one, fixed his scope on it and I figured out its location (not easy for non-scopers) I managed to capture an image.

Broad-billed Sandpiper,  キリアイ between the Dunlins,  ハマシギ

 Later I found one myself as well, but boy that was hard!

Time is up, birds are heading back to the mud, where bugs and snails are waiting and they can get their fill before the big journey south. 

Grey Plover,  ダイゼン

Some stay here however, like the Dunlin,  ハマシギ
I will see them back in Meinohama.

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