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Friday, 13 September 2013

Migrating waders 10

September 11th I drove towards Taromaru before work. I'm intrigued by the snipes and now that I have seen those Latham Snipes I pay more attention. This time I THINK I saw a Swinhoe's snipe. The color is light brown and the peak of its head seems forward of the eyes. Of course the only way to make sure is to count the tail feathers but when do we get a chance to do that???

Swinhoe’s Snipe,  チュウジシギ

There was one Redshank among the stints,  Common Redshank,  アカアシシギ

And 2 more snipes, the common type it seems.  Common Snipe,  タシギ

Suddenly both birds started stretching their feathers, giving me my chance....

Counting 13 (A few are hidden somewhere I suppose) and they look very Common.

Back to normal.

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