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Monday, 2 September 2013

Migrating waders 2

On the 29th -it was still very hot- I went back and found 5 Black-winged Stilts, mostly juveniles together with about 10 Red-necked Stints and a single Dunlin. 2 Little Ringed Plovers flew in as well. Seeing them without their summer colors made me realize the heat was about to end.

Black-winged Stilt,  セイタカシギ


I love the elegant stilts with their long legs and delicate features.

The juveniles haven’t got the flattering black and white colors yet and their legs are still far from red, but their faces are so sweet…I took way too many photo’s.

Red-necked Stint,  トウネン

The smaller birds kept close to the edge of the field, huddled together for protection.

Dunlin,  ハマシギ (left)    Red-necked Stint,  トウネン(right)

But the little plovers don’t seem to mind

Little Ringed Plover,  コチドリ

below: Wood Sandpiper,  タカブシギ correction:  Green Sandpiper,  クサシギ


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