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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Migrating waders 5, Long-toed Stint, ヒバリシギ

In accordance with the previous post I start with 2 images of one very wet Common Snipe. This one sat quietly on the side of the road(!) thinking no on would notice... He was almost too close to fit in my frame.

Common Snipe,  タシギ

Red-necked Stints are often seen, but the Long-toed brothers not so. They have yellow legs and a line on their head. Says the guide book. And, I say they behave different. The Rednecks will gather around the stalks of grass when looking for shelter, the Long-toeds dive right in!

Long-toed Stintヒバリシギ

The toe in the middle is indeed a fair bit longer, but with all that water it's hard to see.

Hey, show me your toes!

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