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Friday, 10 September 2021

Recent small stuff

Whenever I'm waiting for birds, or just walking around to get some fresh air, small stuff always get my attention. You might not always like it, but insects are a very important part of nature. And they can be quite interesting! I was pleased to see the Akagi Kamemushi Shield bug, アカギカメムシ on Akame Gashiwa, アカメガシワ (East Asian Mallotus)

Many ochre coloured beetles were gathered on this one small Mallotus tree. Some clustered together, others wandering off by them self.

Some clusters of these brightly coloured bugs were clinging to a single leaf  that swayed in the wind.

Akagi Kamemushi Shield bug, アカギカメムシ on the fruit of East Asian Mallotus,  アカメガシワ (Mallotus japonicus)

A young beetle. The dark spots come later, I was told

Below a Mantis, カマキリ. It looks so fresh, like a young leaf. It just got hatched I think.

Here also a Mantis, with an interesting pattern on its back and a glassy looking face

The white spider again, カニグモ科アズチグモ、Azuchigumo Crab Spider

East Asian Pollia, Yabumyoga, ヤブミョウガ (Pollia japonica ) flower and fruit

Ooshiokara tombo, オオシオカラトンボ

Hammyo Tiger beetle, ハンミョウ


  Dwarf lilyturf Noshilan, ノシラン

 Labyrinth butterfly, サトキマダラヒカゲ or ヤマキマダラヒカゲ

After rain the fungi are pretty and plenty

2 coloured moths: left Rosy footman, ベニヘリコケガ. Right Gomafuri Dokuga, ゴマフリドクガ

Gomadarachou, ゴマダラチョウ with ochre eyes and tongue

Taiwan Uchiwa Yanma? タイワンウチワヤンマ ?

Powdered oakblue, ムラサキツバメ

White Lily

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