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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Daijugarami mid May

On May 15 high tide was around 9 in the morning. Many waders were gathered along the waterline, feeding, walking or sleeping. Every now and then the whole lot broke into flight and didn't come back for quite a while. Are birds during spring migration more nervous than in fall?

Nordmann's Greenshank, カラフトアオアシシギ . The leader of the 3

on the right

on the left

Ruff, エリマキシギ in summer plumage

Looking rather colorful among the Greenshanks


Common Redshank, アカアシシギ

Between the Grey Plovers and the Bar-tailed Godwits a small bird: Red Knot, コオバシギ

2 Red Knots, コオバシギ 1 in winter and 1 in summer feathers

Another, slightly bigger Knot: The Great Knot, オバシギ on the right

The Nordmann's Greenshank again...  カラフトアオアシシギ

... with a crab

Red-necked Stint, トウネン looking forelorn behind the Dunlins

A few more here

Flying again

Greater Sand Plover, オオメダイチドリ

Monday, 16 May 2022

Imazu 2: After the rain

The Stilts and Stints in the 2 ponds had left. The mudflat looked empty, but Tattlers, Dunlins, Herons and Egrets were there, as well as 5 Spoonbills, 3 young Black-faced and 2 Eurasians. And some 70+ Whimbrels

Little Egret, コサギ

A Grey Heron, アオサギ with a problem

Black-faced Spoonbills, クロツラヘラサギ (3 on the left) and Eurasian Spoonbills, ヘラサギ  (2 on the right) I hope I got this right.

Moorhens, バン Are you building a nest?

Whimbrels, チュウシャクシギ at the end of the day

Time to bring out the macro lens

In the meantime in Imazu 1: Before the rain

After the holidays I took a break - too many things to do - and didn't go to the fields for a few days. Below the images of the first half of May.

Red-necked Stints, トウネン 3 out of 5

2 Black-winged Stilts, セイタカシギ out of 7

1 of 10+ Grey-tailed Tattlers, キアシシギ

A small flock of 10 or 20 Dunlins, ハマシギ is still around

In the distance 1 Redshank, アカシシギ

Great Crested Grebe, カンムリカイツブリ A bit late?

The Magpies, カササギ had produced. I expect some ill-mannered kids around soon!

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Herons, Egrets and a Starling

Last post of my Golden Week collection. It was a real pleasure!

Looking like an old man patroling the edge of the field: Chinese Pond Heron, アカガシラサギ

I heard it calling when a Black Kite came too close and found it hidden in the thickest part of a tree:
Striated Heron, ササゴイ

5 Of them kept us company from May 1st to 4th. Good luck Cattle Egret, アマサギ

Last a small Starling, Chestnut-cheeked Starling, コムクドリ
Just one bird and it stayed up high

Pipits and Wagtails, and a bonus badger

I looked for migrating wagtails and pipits, but despite the stories of Richard's Pipit, Blyth's Pipit, Yellow Wagtails and more I could not find them. The Olive-backed Pipit appeared a few times. I was glad, because I had not seen any last winter.

Olive-backed Pipit, ビンズイ

Suddenly this Wagtail landed in front of me. And was gone again in a few seconds.
Amur White Wagtail, ホオジロハクセキレイ (Motacilla alba lugens)

 female or non-breeding Grey Wagtail, キセキレイ

Good morning! A big fat and healthy looking Badger! Enjoying all the fruit in this part of Kyushu.
Didn't you notice me? Japanese badger, アナグマ

Badger or Tanuki Raccoon?

Showing a foot. Yes, it's a Badger