This blog is for family and friends, to share my feelings and photos with and for myself, to support my fading memory and improve my Japanese. I intend to do some writing in kanji, but am not getting very far without a Japanese computer. So for the moment I say "konnichi wa". Aisatsu dake - just saying hello.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Finally some birds

This month was cut in half by the typhoon. It was good. The weather became much nicer. Finally the humid hot days are over. The cool autumn breeze prevails. Skin problems are getting better. However today... it seems so hot again 💦 The migrating waders and shorebirds are coming and going. Locations are changing, when water-locked fields dry up or flow over with wild plants. Weeding is important. An abandoned place was cleaned up, so it's possible to walk there again. All right, but I'm missing out on some birds it seems...

A Eurasian Skylark, ヒバリ acting like a wader in a mostly dried up field. There was nobody else..

Around the corner just some resident birds.  
Great Egret, ダイサギ  Green Sandpiper, クサシギ
 and Common Sandpiper, イソシギ -  The latter being the smallest.

A few Terek Sandpipers, ソリハシシギ chasing each other, looking for small snails?

Ahh! One is different. A Broad-billed Sandpiper, キリアイ

In the woods where the caterpillars live: Oriental Cuckoo, ツツドリ

A flock of Minivets stopped by.リュウキュウサンショクイ  Sanshokui

Japanese Pepper, サンショウ  Sansho. I ate it. It's spicy! I could still taste it after an hour.. My throat went piririii

The Red Spider Lilies started coming out, ヒガンバナ
The spectacular Ageha butterflies as well. カラスアゲハ, Chinese peacock butterfly (Karasu Ageha)

In the usual moth corner:  ユウマダラエダシャク, Yumadara Edashaku,

A warbler, but which one?

And that was before the typhoon

Mt. Kuju in August, 18-21

 One good thing about traveling with your camping car is that you can start right after a day's work, stop for a meal and a nap at one of the rest area's at the Xp-way and get a big part of the distance covered, so you can be where you want to be early in the morning and enjoy a loooong day...

... of rain.

But when it cleared the forest became fresh, green and awesome.
White admiral、イチモンジチョウ  Ichiminchou

We have our "checkpoints" on the way and at the first one we found lots of butterflies
One of them this ゴイシシジミ, Goishishijimi. The forest Pierrot, 

At the Tadewara wetlands: Higodai, ヒゴタイ and lots of Common Straight Swifts, イチモンジセセリ Ichimon Seseri

マツムシソウ Matsumushisou, the Pincushion flower

シラヒゲソウ, Shirahigesou


with a キハダカノコ Kihadakanoko

Look at that face! Isn't he fierce?

シモツケソウ, Shimotsukesou

オニユリ, Oniyuri Tiger Lily

The Pallas' sailer or common glider, コミスジ Komisuji
On Mountain Asparagus, ウド, Udo

From there to the forest across the road.

All that rain of the last weeks (Have we ever had such a wet summer before?) caused a bit of trouble at the foot of some trees. Rotting wood and some sap maybe attracted lots of insects.

The Blue Admiral, ルリタテハ  Ruritateha with Aokanabun Scarab Beetle, アオカナブン and a Dryad, ジャノメチョウ Janomechou

Aokanabun Scarab Beetle, アオカナブン

I've never seen them so deeply colored. 

The Blue Admiral, ルリタテハ  Ruritateha with closed wings is hard to spot sometimes

In argument with a Killer Bee, スズメバチ Suzumebachi

Labyrinth butterflies were constantly on the move. I know what they look like when they sit still with their wings closed, but an open wing image is hard to capture in this dark forest with a shutter speed of 640 at the most. Japanese Labyrinth, ヤマキマダラヒカゲ Yamakimadara Hikage 

 Kuwagata Stag beetle, クワガタムシ

Diana treebrown, クロヒカゲ Kurohikage

All together now.  When the rain stopped and the wood dried they all left.

コバギボウシ, Kobakiboshi, next to the mushroom

Varied Tit, ヤマガラ

Rain rain rain

A sunny day. We drove a few km south for a change of view

ホソバシュロソウ, Hosobashurosou

ツリガネニンジン, Tsurigane Ninjin

Funny looking fungus in the grass

Great Burnet, ワレモコウ  Waremoko

Diana treebrown, クロヒカゲ Kurohikage

The only raptors I saw were Black Kites, トビ

Early evening view towards Mt. Nekko and Mt. Aso

Strange thing happened when the light of the setting sun created a shadow against the clouds over the trees on the rim. 

On the last day during a short hike. My legs still suffered from the Mt Daisen adventures.
3  Diana treebrowns, クロヒカゲ feasting on a dropping

At the first look-out points several Swallows and Martins were flying overhead. No big lens at hand, but some birds came quite close. Asian House Martin, イワツバメ

Red-rumped Swallow, コシアカツバメ

View towards the south from Kusu

コオニユリ, Small Tiger Lily