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Friday, 3 March 2017

Eurasian Hoopoe, ヤツガシラ

I must have been the only birder in town who hadn't seen this guy yet. Since January this year it pays regular visits to the park, attracting many photographers from all over Kyushu. Normally we only get a chance in spring, when it migrates north and stops over for  brief rest. It reminds me of that day in December 3 years ago, when I ran into one in my own neighborhood. So it's not the first winter guest in Fukuoka and hopefully not the last.

Roaming a small sloped field where insects were hidden in the soil.

Digging deep

Small bugs...

... as well as big ones. Fat worms of some sort seemed to be most popular

Time to stretch and raise those pretty head feathers.

Do I look alright from behind?

And on top?

Very pretty indeed.

Time to move on.

Other birds in that area: Bramling, アトリ

 Dusky Thrush, ツグミStill plenty around.

A very sleepy Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, コゲラ

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