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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Zealand 4

Native NZ Kingfishers were often heard and seen sitting on the telephone wires.

A little bigger than our Common Kingfisher, but smaller than the White-breasted, they seem close to the Sacred Kingfisher.

The NZ Pigeon is a Woodpigeon, but with beautiful blue and green colors. One pair was residing in L&M’s backyard and could most days be seen in one of the Pohutukawa trees.


NZ’s local swamphen: the Pukeko. Related to the Purple Swamphen it seems to have extended its territories to gardens, paddocks and roadsides and was often seen as roadkill.


What a surprise in Whangarei Harbor: a Stilt.

For a moment I believed it to be our Black-winged, but a closer inspection reveiled this neat black row of standing neck feathers.

Pied Stilt



Where ever we looked Pohutukawa trees added color to the sometimes grey and rainy days of the early summer in New Zealand's Northland. With temperatures mostly in the 20s C, it was a pleasure to be outside.

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