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Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Zealand 1

鳥が好きな人は絵だけを見てもいいかな... すみません

In December we flew to NZ to spend SUMMER time with Jaap’s family in Tutukaka.
A selection of photographs will appear on the following blog posts; many birds of course, but also other scenes. The images of birds were all taken in Northland, 90 percent around Tutukaka, most on walking distance of Loek and Marleen’s beautiful house.

New Zealand’s most common bird should be a good start: the Black Bird.


Seen just about everywhere, quite often in Marleens vegetable garden and most colorful, amongst the Pohutukawa’s that were in FULL BLOOM this time of the year.

  Pohutukawa tree (Metrosideros excelsa), also called NZ's Christmas tree

The White-faced Heron looks la bit ike our Grey Heron, but is smaller in size.

Pheasants, abundant around the house, are often shy, fast moving and… in NZ they can fly!!

On a daytrip to Mimiwhangata we watched Antarctic Terns flying over.


 After an early morning shower: a (double) rainbow.
Sorry, the second bow, less pronounced is not visible on these photo's.

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