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Monday, 16 January 2012

New Zealand 2

Another common bird on the North Island is the endemic Tui. Easily recognized by its white throat tufts and its bell-like call, full of grunts and whistles


Juvenile Tui with a brown-red head on a native Hibiscus (also see below)


The native NZ Fantail flits about like a butterfly and is very friendly.




Every day formations of Gannets were seen flying along the coast.

NZ has a number of Cormorants. Here the Little Shag in Ngurunguru and a colony of Pied Cormorants in Tutukaka harbor.

Only 5min walk from Win and Wendy's house.

View from the house.

Flax, favorite amongst Tui’s for its nectar and a kind of Asperagus plant that hardly ever produces flowers, but chose this summer to do so. The 2m high stalks could be seen all around the Whangarei area.

more flax

View of the Ngurunguru sandspit.

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