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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Trip to Kagoshima 1 ~ Cranes in the morning

ヤーツプの 菜の花マラソンで いぶすき まで いきました。

途中で いずみで 泊まりまして、 たくさんの鶴を 見ました。

We drove to Ibusuki for the Nanohana marathon on the 9th of January and stopped at Izumi for one night to see the cranes at sunrise. Last year we did the same thing, but due to the birdflu the area was closed. This year we were lucky. The weather conditions were perfect. Unfortunately I hadnt thought of bringing a polarizing filter, but Im still happy with the results.


マナツル, White-naped Crane (below)

ナベツル,  Hooded Crane (below)


other birds in the vicinity:
ニュウナイスズメ,  Russet Sparrow

今日の勉強  鶴 = ツル、crane

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