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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mt Dasyueshan, Taiwan. Day 2

Leaving the mikado's we drove as far up as the road went, to about 2500m. From here it was a short hike to the border of the broadleaf forest. It was still early and at some places still dark. My young companions had fast legs and I could feel the weight of my camera and bino's. But the flycatchers and bushrobins made me lightfooted. There were Tits, Flamecrests and Parrotbills in the treetops and a monkey in the shadows.
Yuhina's in the Rhododendron flowers would not wait for me to focus, but the Rosefinches (next post) at the parking lot had no problem with that.

Flamecrest, Taiwan endemic


Ferruginous Flycatcher, migrant

Taiwan Rock Monkey (Macaque)

Collared Bush Robin, Male. Taiwan endemic


Collared Bush Robin, female

We saw these robins at the start of the trail, where we could constantly hear them calling.

Taiwan Yuhina


Lychen and fungus

One of many sp. of Rhododendron

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  1. Wow Maria, again so many nice pictures.
    Thanx for sharing them with us.
    Hope there are manymnay more to come.