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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spring in Kyushu 3

Winter birds on the way north, summer birds coming in from the south, others are just stop-overs. On the way out: some of our ducks like the Shovelers.

ハシビロガモ, Northern Shoveler

Whimbrel taking a rest 

チュウシャクサギ, Whimbrel
Swifts bring summer, and there were at least 8! 

アマツバメ, Fork-tailed Swift

Loudly announcing their presence, the Reed warblers have arrived
オオヨシキリ, Great Reed Warbler

Dressed for the summer (so much nicer than their winter suit) , the Grebe stays here to breed

カイツブリ, Little Grebe

Only here for a day or 3, the Yellow Wagtail. This one called taivana has yellow eyebrows 


キマユツメナガセキレイ, Yellow Wagtail M f taivana

タシギ, Common Snipe

A huge Rat snake had just eaten something not so small, judging by the size of his stomach. It stopped him from a retreat through the crack in the wall, which made him and bypassers a bit nervous. However, the snake, aodaisho in Japanese is not venomous.

アオダイショ, Japanese Rat Snake

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