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Saturday, 19 May 2012

対馬、Tsushima 1

Tsushima Island is located halfway between Korea and Kyushu. Birding friends had organized a long weekend there and 6 of us left Thursday May 10th on the midnight ferry, arrived Friday early morning and spend 3 days driving around the island, looking for migrating birds that come to Japan in summer or stop for a feed and a rest at the island on their way further north.

マミジロツメナガセキレイ, Yellow Wagtail M f Simillima

The fields around Naiin, a small farming community in the south of Tsushima

ツバメ, Barn Swallow

The swallows had arrived and were busy building nests.

 Giving us a demonstration on how to do a proper job

Find a suitable piece of dried grass and take it to the edge of the field.

Dip it in some soft mud till it's all sticky.

And fly it to that sheltered place under the roof of a nearby farm.

キマユホオジロ, Yellow-browed Bunting.

female with brown face

male's head is black

アカガシラサギ, Chinese Pond Heron   at Azamon

We drove to the very north after getting a message from locals that a Black-capped Kingfisher was seen near Sago. On the way Kotaro-san spotted this pheasant pair on a river bank

コライキジ, Common or Ring-necked Pheasant

Just as well, the Kingfisher at Sago never showed up...

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