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Saturday, 19 May 2012

対馬 Tsushima 3

On our 3rd day we decided to leave the northern hunting grounds for what they were. The 2,5 hour drive had become a bit much. The night before we waited for the Black-capped Kingfisher till after sunset, (missing out on our hot meal in the ryokan) and heard later that it had been watching us from behind....

ウミネコ, Black-tailed Gull  on the poles

A local came to meet us here at this pretty bay, where uncommon shrikes have been seen in other years. This time they were very much absent, but the Barn Swallows were showing their variation on nest building, using seaweed instead of grass.

ツバメ, Barn Swallow

Edible seawead like Nori and Wakame (no, not our cats!) are a big source of nutrition in Japan.

Scenes of Tsutsu in the south of Tsushima. 


The Pond Heron doing us a last favor. ありがと!

アカガシラサギ, Chinese Pond Heron

In the wooded area deeper inland we could hear the call of Japanese Paradise Flycatchers.
They seemed quite close, but stayed hidden.

When there are no birds, we look for other bits of wildlife
colors and shapes


Beehives everywhere. More hives than bees


Tiger Beetle

The ferry ride back to Fukuoka was very calm and the seas were mostly flat. Flocks of birds could be seen that looked like Phalaropes

アカエリヒレアシシ, Red-necked Phalarope ?

below オオミズナギドリ, Streaked Shearwater

Streaked Shearwater flew by on their way north, staying clear of the rainy season (?)

Murrelets were noticed, but with my lens they are mere black dots on a sheet of grey.

Tsushima is a beatiful place .I hope to go back.

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