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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Around Taipei city

The botanical gardens were only a few minutes by subway and I often went there first thing in the morning.
At that early morning hour I expected it to be quiet, but what a surprise! The park was full of people, all doing some kind of exercise. They brought their music players and in groups of 6 or more they were doing Tai Chi, aerobics, ballroom dancing. I could have known.... Halfway the morning the crowd chanced and senior citizens were wheeled in by their Philippina caretakers, who would help them walk and move their limbs while chatting to each other or on the phone. You could barely hear the tree-squirrels (ever so noisy in this season) not mentioning birds... But see what we got:

Black Bulbul


The noisiest birds here are doubtlessly bulbuls. The Black Bulbuls out-numbered by the Chinese Bulbuls, but they have a bigger voice.


 Chinese Bulbul


joining the crowds in Tai Chi?

Another bird that is constantly heard is the Taiwan Barbet. He likes the canopy and doesn't come down much.

For better images, see Taiwan posts of February.

The biggest noisemakers of the parks. Red-bellied Tree Squirrels

Last but not least, frogs. Taiwanese people love frogs. There are many kinds in that country and we saw an endemic in Wulai: Swinhoe's Frog. But these are just green pond frogs, I think.


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