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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mt. Dasyueshan, Taiwan. Mikado Pheasant ミカドキジ

On the second day we started early. Our accomodation at the Dasyueshan Nature Park had been organized by Wayne and my room in the lodge was old but pleasant. Dressed in winter down we went back to the cold rocks of the previous day, but didn't have to wait long. A female was quietly picking seeds and worms or whatever, making chicken-like sounds.

I hadn't seen a female Swinhoe's Pheasant the previous day and thought this made up for that, but suddenly a great male flew in and we were in for a courting show!


The male was seriously interested in the lady and started performing.

 Looking for his girl. Where has she gone?

Ah. Found her!

 How could she not like all this fluttering of shiny blue feathers?

However, she wasn't too impressed. She quietly moved further in the forest, followed by her suitor.

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