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Monday, 23 April 2012

Taiwan part 2 still looking for blue

Still looking for blue

Two days later I went back to Wulai. I took another trail and got quite lucky. Before I headed towards the forest there was a Taiwan Blue Magpie, sitting on the side of the road, in front of the police box, directing traffic. Now, that's blue!

In the forest barbets, bulbuls and laughing thrushes were heard, as well as treepies and warblers in the thick greenery. Many trees bore fruit and others were blooming.


What are these flowers? Hibiscus? I had never seen them before. 

Once the path returned to the river I started to see more birds

A Taiwan Whistling Thrush looking for its mate from a riverside building.

A Plumbeous Water Redstart fanning its tail.

A pair of Grey-chinned Minivets came down from the canopy. Here the male, bright orange. The female is bright yellow.

Magpies! More to follow

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