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Monday, 23 April 2012

Taiwan part 1, Looking for blue

Looking for blue.
On this trip I asked a birding pal to join me on the first day to the Wulai district, a mountainous area close to Taipei city, with a beautiful landscape of broadleaf forests and gorges with sparkling clear rivers. The first birds we saw were Water Redstart and Whistling Thrush, hustling around the banks.


Plumbeous Water Redstart male and female

The Taiwan Whistling Thrush was sitting quietly for several minutes, undisturbed by our presence.


We hiked to the Neidong waterfall were a Little Forktail flew in.

Fresh water shrimp

On the way we saw many small birds like Grey-cheeked Fulvelttas, White-bellied Erpornis (Yuhinas) and Plain Flowerpeckers in the foliage, moving too fast for me to photograph. I had never see Taiwan Blue Magpies and hoped to see some. We heard their call numerous times and finally saw them flying in the distance.

a skink on the side of the road  

Rhododendrons named after this place: Wulai

Old houses amongst hot spring hotels line the river at Wulai town.

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