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Monday, 7 May 2018

Kyushu drive

In order to escape the crowds we did a little tour around Oita and Kumamoto just before Golden Week. Our goal was to see the "koinobori" fish flags that mark the boy's festival in a small hot spring town called Tsuetate. On the way we did some exploring and ended up in Sotanoike, a lovely place with a park and a pond (noted down as a potential camp site, good for birding).

Oimatsu Shrine, near Hita

At Sotanoike: Japanese Grosbeak, イカル

Common Pheasant, キジ

Chestnut-eared Bunting, ホオアカ

In Tsuetate the sight of colorful こいのぼり fish flags, gently flowing in the spring breeze welcomed us.

The bridge on the north end of town has a ceiling that sports lots of fish-shaped wooden plaques with hand-written wishes and prayers, much like the "ema" (絵馬) we see at shrines.

Sometimes funny things happen. I must have pushed some button - unintentionally

Our next stop, Nabegataki Falls. A famous site, but we had never been here.

It is possible to walk behind the waterfall through a kind of cave.

A popular spot for photographers

The villagers have made little displays of scarecrows and dolls, to please the visitors on their way.

Below a small stall selling local produce. You won't see anybody here. Just take what you need and put the money in the honesty box

The weather was like summer, so time to take out the macro lens and practice on bugs and flowers ;-) Below the results.  Small Copper,  ベニシジミ,  Lycaena phlaeas

Morning dew on Dandelion seed fluff

The tiniest grass hopper I'd ever seen

Japanese Iris Ayame,  アヤメ 

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