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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Compilation of migrators around the park

It's already 3 weeks ago that I made this post, but I forgot to publish it.... so here is some old news:

I didn't spend much time in the park on the hill, the main location for migrating birds this year. The few times I went there I stayed just a short while at the end of the day. Light decreases fast and most images aren't good enough to show. However, here are a few.

There were many Thrushes, specially Brown-headed Thrushes, アカハラ

I was hoping to find a Siberian Thrush and I thought I saw a female, but my photos only show this bird, A female Japanese Thrush, クロツグミ

I waited for a bird to come out of the Rhododendron, but gave up after a few minutes. Then, on the way out I noticed some movements in the dark. Siberian Blue Robin, コルリ

Hooray for the fence!
Blue-and-White Flycatcher, オオルリ

Narcissus Flycatcher, キビタキ

Lady Ooruri, with a tiny bit of blue above her eye

And who is this?

Ah, Mr and Mrs Oouri

Handsome guy!

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