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Friday, 18 April 2014

The battle of Pheasants, キジ

Once upon a time there was a young male pheasant in a field of weeds, who called out in spring to find a girl....

A big adult male, who happened to stroll by, could not let that happen. He turned on his heels and headed for the green field. Where are you?

He pushed out his breast and went in search.

Who do you think you are???

This shadow boxing lasted several minutes. It stopped suddenly and the young male tried to run.

But the big boy went after him and he gave him no respite.

They ran and ran the same course around and around, as in an athletic race, right in front of us.

After some 10 rounds they took a left and disappeared. I found them some time later in the forest, where they were still at it. The bigger bird was now tearing out the other's feathers.

Somebody yelled "Stop it!" and then that's what they did. The boss strode off, deeper into the forest and left the young boy to lick his wounds.

Poor guy.

Junko overcoming her repulse of worms in trying to cheer him up.

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