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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bird-babies: Grey-headed Lapwing, ケリ

The weather has turned hot and sweaty. Very few migrating birds are around. The season is nearly over. Summer visitors are building their nests and some birds are already looking after their young. Like these Lapwings. There were 3 chicks in a rice paddy, acting endearingly clumsy when trying out things to eat, attempting to jump and fly. :-)


The parents seemed pretty relaxed, watched out from the elevated corners of the rice field or led the family to another paddy.

All 3 in one frame

A few paddies down were more birds and one particular angry bird was very upset with the presence of a farmer, flying low over his head in feint attacks, yelling all the time. I asked the farmer if he'd seen any nests, but got a vague answer. I hate to think of what might have happened here...

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