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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Winter Wren, Japanese Waxwing and Yellow-bellied Tit

This birding day started on Shioo yama, where we arrived a bit late, due to heavy traffic and some bad navigation on my side. We were just talking about wrens, when one flew by and briefly stopped on a water tower for a sip.

Winter Wren, ミソサザイ

First time I took a photo of a Winter Wren in Japan where you can actually see the bird and recognize it!

Next, off to the park where our guest from China is doing well, reportedly taking baths near the fountain and getting changed in spring plumage. 

Yellow-bellied Tit,  キバラガ

Real pretty and cute.

My computer translates this bird’s name as 臆病シジュウカラ. 臆病 stands for cowardly, faint-hearted. Most inappropriate for a little bird that bravely performs in front of cameras and is deprived of her privacy in the bathroom.

In a different corner Japanese Waxwings,  ヒレンジャク were waiting for us. 

The lighting wasn't supreme for these colorful birds, hopefully another time.

I wonder, Is this the same flock as I saw in Dazaifu before? They seem to move around a lot. One day they are there, the next they're gone...

今日の勉強  臆病 okubyoo,  cowardly
 勇敢 yuukan na,  brave

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