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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Imazu on a sunny winter day

Wintering in Imazu: Common Shelducksツクシガモ

I love the sight of these big ducks feeding at low tide on sunny days. This year there are many, over 50!


But where are their companions, the Black-faced Spoonbills? Have they found greener pastures? Following shots are from previous years, winters 2010 and 2011

Black-faced Spoonbill,  クロツラヘラサギ

Feeding on the incoming tide with cormorants, egrets and herons

Their resting place, a sandy island in the river is being washed away. It's getting smaller every year.  Volunteers wade out with sand bags to protect the little shore. Let's hope they succeed or Imazu might loose the colony...

A juvenile Black-face with a pink bill

 And a Eurasian Spoonbill in flight, ヘラサギ

Back to February 2013 and always present: Osprey,  ミサゴ

Several Ospreys were circling the waters, but weren't catching much.
Do they need more water, as in high tides?

2 Common  Greenshanks,  アオアシシギ

In a corner of an industrial complex this Redstart was giving me "dai service"

Daurian Redstart, ジョウビタキ

Such color in winter!

今日の勉強   ふゆ, winter

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