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Monday, 24 June 2019

Kanatake meeting June 19th

The weather was good. The forecast said 26 or 27°during the day. We might have been in a hotspot and got 36°. But it was not too bad. Just really needed that cool drink.

The Barn Swallows,  ツバメ nesting at the administration building were very active. Many young birds trying their wings. Also adults looking for food and what looked like preparing for the next batch. 

At a waterlogged field we saw Kabuto ebi, カブトエビ or Tadpole Shrimps. I had never heard of them. Often seen the salt-water kabuto crabs. but these are much smaller. With funny eyes.

The hairy caterpillar of a Maimaiga, or マイマイガ (Gypsy Moth) is huge. And apparently not very poisonous. It looked like a hairy ghost with those elongated eyes.

Left: A Hunting Wasp ジガバチ paralysing and carrying a caterpillar. 
Right: The Japanese Beetle, (Mamekogane) マメコガネ was richly represented. We saw literally 100-sss

This Himenagame Kamemushi, ヒメナガメ relative of the Scarlet Shield Bug also had some family members nearby.

Moth. That's all I can say about it.

Well defined markings on this caterpillar with a tail that swings like a music conductor's baton

Persimmon! カキ A long way from edible, but it's a start!

Persian Silk Tree, (Nemunoki) ネムノキ.  Somebody explained the name. It had something to do with getting sleepy (nemui)

Nogurumi, ノグルミ is related to the walnut tree and we saw it with 2 types of flowering, I suppose male and female. But which one is which? And what is that thing in the middle? Bisexual?

On the left a wasp nest, probably スズバチ (suzubachi). Right an egg capsule of Praying Mantis, カマキリ

This Asian Lizard's Tail has an interesting name in Japanese: ハンゲショウ (Hangeshou) Han means half and geshou... erased? or made-up?

Left Purple-Loosestrife, (Misohagi) ミソハギ

Next a dragonfly with a story.

At first nobody new what kind it was and there were speculations, but. A few days later Mr T. came up with a name: Mayutateakane. Mayu is eyebrow. Tate means standing up. I wanted to investigate. So I went back, found the dragonfly again (at a different stream) and took a shot with the macro lens

The poor thing had a broken wing and could not fly. Had it been captured in a child's net? This allowed me however to come real close and take my shot.

If these 2 hairs are the mayu's then this would be it. マユタテアカネ. 
Fine, but this is a different dragonfly. Now I still don't know what the next one is. If you zoom in you might notice it has 2 mayu's as well...

Below a male Scarlet Skimmer, (shojotombo) ショウジョウトンボ

Left a plain spider in an interesting web. I tried to find it on the internet, but it shows only horrifying images of monsters with hairy legs... Right an Aomeabu, アオメアブ

The frog of the day. Japanese Tree Frog, アマガエル Looking kind of sad. Mourning his kindred that didn't survive the other day?

No snakes this time, though a Tiger Keelback, Yamakakashi was swimming across one of the ponds. And another one laid dead on the road :-(

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