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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


There are so many species of Starlings in the world. Here in Kyushu we have our own very common White-cheeked Starling, ムクドリ. During migrating season we can see some others and this year we found a White-shouldered Starling, カラムクドリas well as a female Red-billed Starling, ギンムクドリ among them.

1 White-shouldered Starling, カラムクドリ and 2 White-cheeked Starlings, ムクドリ

White-shouldered Starling, カラムクドリ

The cheeky White-cheeked Starlings, ムクドリ parading on the edge of the field; the White-shouldered Starling, カラムクドリ just below.

Red-billed Starling, ギンムクドリ female

Below the White-shouldered Starling, カラムクドリ again

One of the White-cheeked Starlings, ムクドリ having fun with a couple of feathers - nesting material?

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