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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Okinawa 5

This last post is not so much about birds, Its main feature is a snake: the Okinawa Pit viper, ヒメハブ
Not as poisonous as many people think, but still a serpent to treat with care.
I stumbled upon it early in the morning on a path close to the hotel. One of my friends warned a ranger who came over quickly. I was a bit concerned that he would kill the beautiful snake, but he assured me he would only take it a bit further away and release it. Which he did. (I trusted him on that, but followed him, to get one more shot)


Look at those fangs...

very sharp!

You might think I'm crazy, but I think he is kind of cute

Filling in time on our last day at the coast near the airport.

Pacific Reef Egret, クロサギ

This last Reef Egret was seen earlier near Kin-cho. It has caught a fish called "bari", バリ or Aigo, アイゴ in Japanese. A tasty fish with poisonous fins that cause swellings that hurt like hell when you get stung. I was wondering how the bird would deal with it, but it disappeared out of sight behind some rocks. Next moment he appeared without the fish. I actually think he din't eat it.

Going home 

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