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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Okinawa 4 part 2

Still in the fields on our last day and we finally got close to the Munias in Kin. They were eating, drinking and bathing in some kind of grass field. The grass blocked our view, but I still managed some shots:
Scaly-breasted Munia, シマキンパラ

The pretty markings on the chest give the bird its name.

Hanging on and reaching down to grab tiny green tit bits.

The wind made the grass swing and the birds came in and out of view. Capturing was just a matter of pressing the shutter in continuous mode and hope for the best.

These 2 obviously enjoyed their bath together.

below some very young birds, without any markings yet.

Earlier that day we looked out over a waders, mostly Black-winged Stilts, セイタカシギ and some 
Common Greenshanks, アオアシシギ

when we heard the sound of the Okinawa shamisen. An ox-cart approached us with a driver practicing his skills on the instrument. The young animal was in training and had to learn basic comments like "walk" and "stop" which he (?) hadn't gotten under control yet. Good luck for for future!

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