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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Okinawa 3 part 2

When there is one bulbul, there are many. The Chinese, or Light-vented Bulbul, シロガシラ exists next to the Brown-eared, (of which Okinawa has its own subspecies) and we all know how omnipresent they can be...  I suppose shira, 白 is white and kashira, 頭  means head. A common name for a locally common bird.


There were many fledglings around, crying for food and attention, who made the small flocks even noisier than they generally are. No birder visiting the island could ever miss them. 

below a Brown-eared Bulbul, ヒヨドリ Microscelis amaurotis; a local subsp.?

And one from Green Island in Taiwan: Microscelis amaurotis harterti, taken in 2010

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