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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Okinawa 4, part 1

This post is about birds we saw in the fields, mostly around Kin, in the centre of Okinawa Island, but also some further north, near the coast. We were lucky with the weather. There were heavy downpours in the forest that we'd just left, but we stayed dry.
At first we looked out for the White-breasted Waterhen, シロハラクイナ


The calls of Zitting Cisticola, セッカ could be heard all over the island.

Many birds look slightly different from the ones in Kyushu.
For example the Oriental Turtle Dove, リュウキュウキジバト, Streptopelia orientalis stimptoni

And the Swallows are called Pacific Swallow, リュウキュウツバメ

One of several: Little Tern, コアジサシ skimming the coast 

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