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Sunday, 1 February 2015

5 days around Kyushu, part 2

That morning in Hitoyoshi we met up with a couple of local birders, who showed us around.
We saw a friendly Crested Kingfisher that can often be seen at the Kuma river near town. It was very windy and the bird didn’t fly much, nor did he catch anything. He just sat at the wires until we had to move on. And he gave me the chance to sneak up on him a bit.

Crested Kingfisher, ヤマセミ

Despite all the traffic on route 219 there are a number of Mandarin Ducks in the Kuma river, but they don’t like all that attention. Still a few photos:

 Mandarin Ducks, オシドリ

Wondering why the ducks had left? Look what came racing by!

 Thank you Yuki san and Masako-san, for giving us the chance to see the Kingfisher!
And Mr. Shinjo, thank you for your introduction.

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