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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Amami Ohshima, 奄美大島

We flew to the islands to attend a wedding and took the time to drive to a forest near Naze, Amami city where I hoped to see the Lidth’s Jay. We caught a glimpse of a pair passing by and later, on the edge of the wood found another pair feeding on nuts near a stream.

Lidth’s Jay,  ルリカケス 

There were a large number of raptors in and around the mountains, mostly Grey-faced Buzzards

Grey-faced Buzzard,  サシバ

In the nature reserve we found flowers of the plant called yakkosou, or Mitrastemon Yamamotoi, which are related to the Rafflesia that mysterious flower that is the largest in the world and grows in Borneo.

 Mitrastemon Yamamotoi,  コソウ

I think I will visit Amami Ohshima again some time next year.

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  1. That Jay must have been worth the effort. What a beauty!