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Monday, 1 August 2022

Short stop at the Kashibaru Shitsugen

On July 29th I drove to the mountains to find some fresh air and somehow ended up at the swamp at Nanayama. To my surprise around 20 White Egret Orchids were blooming. Isn't that a bit early?

White Egret Orchid, サギソウ

Kawara Nadeshiko, カワラナデシコ

Left: Small-leaved Plantain Lily, コバギボウシ    Right: Lobelia sessilifolia, サワギキョウ

Ki itotombo (Yellow Damselfly) キイトトンボ mating

Harabiro tombo, ハラビロトンボ male

Harabiro tombo, ハラビロトンボ female

Beni itotombo  ベニイトトンボ Ceriagrion nipponicum

Scarlet Skimmer, ショウジョウトンボ

I didn't see any of the dwarf tombo's this time. It was too hot to take the time to look for them.

Kofuki Scarab beetle, コフキコガネ

Yellow Crest Moth, キモンガ

Tsumakiri usuki edashaku moth, ツマキリウスキエダシャク

Japanese Striped snake (シマヘビ)

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