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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Isahaya and Mt. Unzen 何でも遠い!

My yearly winter visit to the Isahaya reclaimed land area with Jaap was right at Christmas. An early start on the 24th gave us fog on the way. We stopped for some scenery shots around Ouchi, Saga

This resulted in a somewhat late arrival at Isahaya, but the bread at my favorite bakery was still warm :-)  :-) . First we payed our respect to the visitor of the season: Chinese Grey Shrike, オオカラモズ who was a wee bit shy.

 A female Kestrel, チョウゲンボウ wanted to proof the opposite. She nearly flew into the car!

At the same time some Water Pipits crossed the road. One looked different: Richard's Pipit, マミジロタヒバリ Stay away from the Kestrel!

White-naped Cranes, マナツル in the adjacent field turned their backs on us,

On to Azuma for the big Whooper Swans, オオハクチョウ

Right in front of me a kingfisher, カワセミ took a moment to decide how to eat this big catch

Hooded Cranes, ナベツル flying to their resting spot at the end of the afternoon

In the far distance some male and female Smews, ミコアイサ as well as Great Crested Grebes, カンムリカイツブリ among the usual ducks. Above one male Smew, ミコアイサ

Look at this Eastern Marsh Harrier, チュウヒ with its striking white head! A young male?

High up a Common  Buzzard, ノスリ

Far out some more Whooper Swans, オオハクチョウ

And even further removed a male Hen Harrier, ハイイロチュウヒ

The Ruddy Shelduck stayed out of sight and the Merlin we did see but that was just a pinpoint in the far distance, not worth a picture

The next morning found us at Mt Unzen admiring these spectacular views. A great Christmas gift!

Yes, it was cold!

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