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Friday, 2 March 2018

Ruddy Shelduck, アカツクシガモ and some more

There were 6 of these ducks. That by itself makes the drive to Kumamoto worthwhile. Of course there were other birds, like the House Sparrow, イエスズメ, but I didn't want to wait around for that. There were supposedly some Owls. However, not on the day we got there; they had already moved on.

There was talk about a different Peregrine Falcon、オオハヤブサ or ツンドラハヤブサ
I can't tell the difference. Would this bird be the one?

Grey-headed Lapwings, ケリ had just arrived. They will be breeding here I heard.

Below with a Northern Lapwing, タゲリ a winter visitor who will be leaving soon. They over lapped each other. Eh... overlapping lapwings

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