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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Noko birds, 能古の鳥

Once a week, weather permitting, I walk around before work. During the cold days of January I preferred to keep watch at the heater at home, so when I started up my habit again in February I was surprised at all the birds I saw. There were the Brown-headed Thrush, the Scaly Thrush, Dusky and Pale Thrushes, Yellow-throated Bunting and Black-faced Buntings (as reported before).
The Scaly Thrush was again often seen foraging at "his" field. The Brown-headed Thrush flew by again, too shy to pose for me. Several Daurian Redstarts, all very friendly, but the Bullfinches kept their distance. A group of 9 Mergansers stayed just outside the harbor entrance and frequently wandered inside the basin. Raptors were there, of course the Ospreys and Buzzards. It's a good place for winter birds.

Scaly Thrush, トラツグミ

left Pale Thrush, シロハラ         right Dusky Thrush, ツグミ

Red-breasted Merganser, ウミアイサ male and female

Daurian Redstart, ジョウビタキ male and female

Bull-headed Shrike, モズ male

left Yellow-throated Bunting, ミヤマホオジロ     right Black-faced Bunting, アオジ


Cormorants, カワウ flying over Hakata Bay

Japanese White-eye, メジロ

Eastern Buzzard, ノスリ

left Black Kiteトビ                              right Osprey, ミサゴ

The sweetest of all, female Daurian Redstart, ジョウビタキ

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