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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Asian Short-toed Lark, コヒバリ


On Saturday I went to Isahaya to see raptors. I didn’t know anything about an Asian Short-toed Lark, an uncommon visitor to Kyushu and heard about it upon arrival.
Oh, a lifer for me!
It would be difficult to find I thought, but other birders ensured me it came to the road to find food, so it would not be too hard. However, a cycling race was going on and that disturbed the bird constantly. I appeared just a few times for a few seconds.
This way I only got to see the little bird from behind and didn’t get to see its breast.

It makes me feel incomplete…

The face looks a bit like that of a skylark, but the bill is much broader, almost like a finch. The color of the body is rather pale and in flight seemed near white.

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