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Friday, 2 September 2016

Tanabata festival part 1

Tanabata festival is on the 7th day of July. The start of summer, when the stars meet. It's all about Vegas and Altar, who as lovers were sent to live on opposite sides of the milky way, able to meet only once a year, in the month of July.
People, mostly children, wish upon a star and write their future dreams on colored bits of paper, then tie them to stalks of bamboo which are displayed at schools, community halls and shrines. Every year the Tenmangu shrine at Dazaifu city uses them to create an enormous tunnel, like a walkway of colors. On the 7th there is a shinto ceremony with prayers and sacred dancing by dedicated dancers wearing lanterns on their head.


Wanna know my secret wish?

Young women dress up in summer kimono's and come to watch locals performing on a stage after the rituals



It is all very cheerful and everybody seems to be happy. The best part of the festival comes after sunset, when the lights fade and the lantarns are lit...

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