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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mandarin Duck, オシドリ, 1

We had gone a long way to see these ducks. Not just a few, but HUNDREDS.
Maybe more than the amount of kilometers we drove, from Fukuoka to Tottori.

With so many Mandarins in action it was hard to capture the individual.

All in a feeding frenzy.
There would never be enough for them, so a group of volunteers is pitching in.

There are about 4 times as many males than female, so the competition is fierce. Who is the biggest?

A different feather-do

The colorful males make quite an impressive sight, but the females are cute, and very pretty in a soft way.

The male Mandarin Duck, オシドリ in all its glory. The female to the right is a Teal, コガモ.

To be continued

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