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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Looking for red 3

Yes, there it was, the Amur Falcon. Sitting on the electrical wiring, taking it's time preening, stretching wings, ruffling feathers. I had seen the bird before, but I had never been able to take any photos, so I went over the top.
As usual...

A young bird it seems. Maybe female, much darker than the common Kestrel. The legs and face markings have a rusty orange color, giving it the Japanese name Red-legged Falcon.
I'd love to see it in spring, in breeding colors, when they are really red. Next year maybe...

The sun broke through...

Then there was number 2, flying by, landing on another piece of wire.

One more Amur Falcon, アカアシチョウゲンボウ a little more mature it seems 

What a great day!  Good for some sunflowers.

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  1. Great shots of the Amur Falcon. I saw one pair fly past me in early May about 5 years ago in Niigata. Nobody I told seemed to believe me. I didn't get any pictures. Stunning little raptors regardless of the season.