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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

House Martin, イワツバメ

Every year I post photos of nesting Barn Swallows. The babies are so cute and here around the harbor there are so many of them. Most nests are located near doors and hallways, where people are passing by, sometimes all day long. Like at the fish shop, the ferry building and even on the ferry itself. This year the boat was quite popular. Swallows, sparrows and wagtails nested there successfully.
There are plenty chances to take photos without disturbing the young families.

This summer I ran into a number of House Martins running a food transport service towards an old stone bridge over a river that was crowded with kids and adults finding relief from the heat in the cool stream. I took off my shoes, wrapped the camera in plastic and joined them.
From below I could easily spot the receiving end of that food line without getting too close and took the following shots. Cropped down a fair bit however.

Below a White Wagtail, ハクセキレイ on the ferry to Nokonoshima. 

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